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Aromatherapy with Herbs. Herbal Oils 

Natural essential oils - especially those from herbs - are said to stimulate the brain - triggering a positive reaction. However, bear in mind that chemical constituents of the essential oil are drawn into the lungs and can also have severe consequences. If in doubt, consult your medical practitioner.

Other Uses
Herbal and Essential Oils can supply other benefits such as acting as natural repellents and pesticides. Citronella candles are a typical example of this - keeping mosquitoes and other flies away. Citronella essential oil is the ingredient in candles that provides this benefit.

 Aromatherapy is the use of volatile oils and other essential oils obtained from various plants, for psychological well-being. There is dispute as to whether they can have any 'physical effects! Many of the oils used in aromatherapy are obtained from herbs.

Lavender in Aromatherapy

Lavender for instance, is good for boosting the mood in relation to those suffering from SAD - or even helping mood swings in compulsive over-eaters. Essential oils of the plant, have been found to provide both psychological and physical benefits when used in a correct manner.

Bottles of Aromatherapy OilsIn your brain, the area known as the deep limbic system is directly responsible for controlling mood - being the centre for dealing with emotions various. It is also the area of you brain that processes the effects of smell. Various smells can have a big impact upon your moods.

Many research studies have been carried out on the effects of the smell of Lavender. One found that it reduces the levels of cortisol - the stress hormone. Lavender oil when applied to baby's baths had a substantial effect on both child and mother when compared to non-lavender baths. Babies with lavender oil added to baths slept better, had more relaxed mothers, and did not cry as much as the control group that did not use lavender oil.

Oils of Geranium, Sandalwood, Cardamom, Chamomile and Roses also have calming influences that reduce the problems of stress.

Please note that 'Perfumes' or Fragrant Oils are not the same as essential oils.

Aromatherapy -  a term created by a French chemist - M. Gattefosse. It is the science -  though not a medically proven one - of using aromatic substances, usually essential oils, to cure common ailments. Aromatherapy is also popular as a stress relief.

Aromatherapy  - a system of caring for the body with botanical oils such as rose, lemon, lavender and peppermint. These oils are normally added to the bath, massaged through the skin, or simply used to 'scent' a room. Aromatherapy is said to relieve pain, care for the skin, and soothe away tension and fatigue.

There can be little doubt that 'smell' plays a very important part in our lives. Together with taste, it is one of the chemical senses. That is to say, they sense chemicals. We continually test the quality of the air that we breathe - alerting ourselves to dangers - such as those associated with the smell of smoke. Pleasant smells will lead us to items such as favourite foods! It is little wonder then, that Aromatherapy can lay claim to imparting certain qualities to our lives. we are born with a sense of 'smell'.


Selection of aromatherapy products

 Day-old babies can soon give a facial expression that signifies rejection of certain 'bad' odours - such as rotten eggs. Strangely, they pull the same facial expression when confronted with fish! Bearing all of this in mind, the positive effects of aromatherapy does indeed seem to have some  credibility

Some research has suggested that women are more attuned to smells than their male counterparts. Perhaps this is why aromatherapy seems to be more acceptable to the female sex - in humans at least. In one experiment, a panel of women were given armpit swabs from happy and sad people - dependent upon the film being shown - and were generally able to tell them apart. The men in the same trial, failed!

Smell is quite unique amongst all of the senses. It has privileged access to the subconscious!
So, Aromatherapy does have credibility as a genuine mood swinger!


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