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Flowers - About Flowering Plants 

For most people, flowering plants are the most important part of the garden.

A flowering plant can be a perennial, and annual, a shrub or even a tree. (There are many more types of flowering plants).

The most important thing is that they flower. It is necessary for the plant. Flowers produce seeds and seeds produce new plants. Thy cycle is complete!

Flowers have different ways of helping the plant regenerate.

Flowers can attract insects of different kinds to pollinate the flower - which in turn helps the plant set seed. Some flowers have been modified over the years by plants in order to attract certain types of insects. For instance, a plant that flowers in the depth of winter does not need to be attractive to honey bees - which are active only in the summer! Clever things flowers.

But for the gardener, flowers mean one thing - Colour. They are produced on a huge range of plants. In the pages on this section, we deal with the most basic questions often asked about flowers in the garden.French and African Marigolds are good examples of flowering plants

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