Types of Tulips and their different flowers.

There are many different flower and growth types in the Tulip range - each with differing flower shapes and general habits of growth. Tulips can be grown to flower from early spring - late winter even - though to the first few days of summer.

There are strict classifications of tulips - changed over the years. This types we outline or more 'descriptive' than enthusiastically correct. Tulip anoraks please forgive!

Whatever the type of Tulip that turns you on, one thing is sure. You will be pleased with the vibrant colours of the garden hybrids and intrigued by the subtlety of the lesser known species Tulips.

Tulip flower types can be classed as

  • Single Cup-Shaped Tulips.
    • Single Early Tulips fall into this category.
    • The Triumph group of tulips are representative of the singe cup-shaped blooms.
    •  Darwin Hybrid Tulips are cup shaped singles - but more elongated flowers, and generally much larger. They are amongst the most popular of the group.
    • Rembrandt Tulips - so named because of the viral splashes of contrasting colours that are visible on the outer petals.
  • Double Bowl-shaped Tulips.
    • The Double Early types have so many petals that they form into a bowl rather than cup-shaped bloom.
    • The Late Double Early tulips - like their Double Early forerunners are with short stems and so suited for bedding schemes. Sometimes referred to as Peony flowered tulips - not without good reason.
  • Goblet Shaped Tulips.
    • Old fashioned - but the still popular Darwin Tulips are the mainstay of public parks bedding schemes.
    • Cottage Tulips - marginally different to the Darwins - always a popular choice. Both are good bedding tulips owing to the flower size, which is more sustainable in the windy weather.
    • The other mainstay of the Goblet shaped tulips are the Lily-flowered Tulips. Similar to the above - but with pronounced pointed petals - often curved outwards.
  • Fringed-Petal Tulips are a group to themselves. Similar to the cup shapes but with frilly petals.
  • Star-Shaped Tulips.
    • Star shaped tulips are normally found in the 'Botanical Species' section, and are often unlike the 'normal tulips that we know (Wait for the indignant emails!) They are often bi-coloured or at least splashed with contrasting or complimentary colours.
  • Parrot Tulips.
    • The ostentatious Parrot Tulips are often classed in the cup-shaped division. Most are so open and floppy that they can hardly be classed as 'cups'.
  • Kaufmanniana Tulips.
    • These are the rockery and selected places type of tulip. Many different forms - but almost always dwarf.
  • Greigii Tulips.
    • Tulipa Red Riding Hood - ever popular with its scarlet blooms and striped foliage are often sold or referred to as Kaufmmaniana Tulips. They are not. They  belong to the T. greigii group. In most respects they have the growth habits of the Kaufman however.

This is just the start - or end - of the classification of tulip flower types, for within all of these shapes there are many variations. 

Growing Tulips

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