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Garden Plants and Flowers Beginning with the letter 'S'

This section of garden plants starting with the letter S, includes biennials, perennials, bulbs and shrubs, bedding plants, flowers.

Sagina; Sagittaria; Salix; Salpiglossis; Salvia; Sambucus; Sanguinaria; Sanguisorba; Santolina; Sanvitalia; Saponaria; Sarcococca; Sarracenia; Sasa; Saxifraga; Scabiosa; Scaevola; Schizanthus; Schizophragma;

  • Schizostylis - The Kafir Lily for late summer display with this hardy perennial.


  • Schisandra - Woody climbing plant vine.
  • Scilla - Sky or dark blue early flowering garden bulb. Always admired.

 Solanum alba White Potato Vine Schizostylis coccinea - Kafir Lily
 Solanum jasminoides Album  |  Schizostylis coccinea

Scoliopus; Scrophularia; Scutellaria; Sedum; Selinum; Semiarundinaria; Sempervivum; Senecio; Sequoia; Sequoiadendron; Seriphidium; Seslaria; Shibataea; Shortia; Sibiraea; Sidalcea; Silene; Silphium; Silybum; Sinojackia; Sisyrinchium;

  • Skimmia reevesianum - A dead cert for berries as it has male and female on same plant - self fertile. Compact evergreen shrub.

Smilacina; Smyrnium;

; Soldanella; Soleirolia; Solidago; Solidasta x; Sophora; Sorbaria;

; Sparaxis; Sparganium; Spartium; Sphaeralcea;

  • Spiraea - One for every position on garden or container. Early summer flowering shrubs with some good golden foliage types as well.

Spiranthes; Stachys;

  • Stachyurus - A 'must' if you have a little space and want to be enthralled in February with the dangling beads of flowers on this shrub.

Staphylea; Stauntonia; Stenotus; Stephanandra; Sternbergia; Stewartia;

  • Stipa - The tall Golden Oats - Stipa gigantea is the best know, but many other different types in this ornamental grass group.

Stokesia; Stratiotes; Stylophorum; Styrax; Succisa;

Symphoricarpos - White or pink berries in midwinter on this straggly shrub - Also good for hedging.

; Symphyandra; Symphtum;

  • Syringa - the Syringa is the common Lilac but sometimes confusingly mixed up with mock orange which of course are Philadelphus.

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