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Garden Plants and Flowers beginning with the letter 'B'

Garden Plants and Flowers B - Perennials; Annuals; Shrubs; Bedding Plants; Bulbs, Flowers and all members of Kingdom of Plantae.

Ballota; Bambusa; Baptisia;

  • Basil - One of the best known herbs - but also one of the most difficult to grow. Better for some to buy small pot plants from the local supermarket.
  • Bay Leaf - Bay trees are often sold as a small herb plants, or as clipped pyramid ot Mophead evergreen trees, but can grow into a huge evergreen shrub in the garden. Regular clipping is one answer against this.
  • Begonia - Tuberous and fibrous rooted begonias make spectacular summer bedding displays. Also useful as an indoor plant.
  • Bedding Plants Main Page for Summer and Autumn Planting

Bellis; Berberidopsis;

Berberis - Thorny shrubs - either deciduous or evergreen

  Brunnera macrophylla  Bractyantha Orange flowets
Brunnera macrophylla | Bracteantha Everlasting flowers.

Bergenia; Betula; Bidens; Bignonia; Borago; Bougainvillea; Brachyglottis;

Brachyscome; Bracteantha; Brassica;

  • Briza - Attractive ornamental grass with drooping seedheads swaying in the gentle breeze give this its common name of Quaking Grass.


; Brunfelsia;

 Bupthalmum; Bupleurum; Buxus;

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